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10 Tips to Visually Slim the Overweight Man

It's Rare to See a Well Dressed Man who is Significantly Overweight - Why is That!? When the stomach outpaces the chest and rear, fit issues occur. But that doesn't mean give up and throw in the towel.  I love seeing a well dressed man of ANY size or shape, and so...

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What do Lady Bosses Wear?

I came across this Pinterest Board the other day, titled Executive Women and clicked on it.  Christina does a good job with the images, but what I wanted to bring to you was the WHAT and the WHY of the images you were looking at, and how to incorporate them into your...

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Are There Risks Buying Custom Menswear?

"Hi, my name is Bob, and I am a recovering custom-clothing client"   Okay, maybe not so funny?  Many (many) men have tried custom and did not have a good experience:    They bought from a company rep who flew in from overseas and booked a downtown hotel room...

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It’s 2021, Are Suits Now “Out”?

No, no and no!  Men's suiting is an iconic, foundation of a man's wardrobe. Suiting is however evolving (again) in both style and the occasion in which they are worn.   Esquire Magazine quips "unless you think we are all going to dress like Captain Kirk"... this is...

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Video Style Guide on Business Casual Shoes

Tread lightly Gentlemen: In the land of the new, MORE-casual-business-casual there is a fine line between sloppy/too sporty and dressing as a grown-up professional.  Shoes are one of the best and easiest ways to up elevate your look, while still keeping that casual...

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