It’s 2021, Are Suits Now “Out”?

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Image consulting for Men

No, no and no!  Men’s suiting is an iconic, foundation of a man’s wardrobe.

Suiting is however evolving (again) in both style and the occasion in which they are worn.   Esquire Magazine quips “unless you think we are all going to dress like Captain Kirk”… this is not the funeral of the suit.

They also describe a suit as a “multi-purpose tool”.  Consider how suits can be worn; as denominator of status, as a personal style statement, as a sign of respect, as a uniform, as a cultural norm, as a cultural abnorm.  As two pieces that match, worn with the trousers and a tee and hoodie, or with the trim jacket with chinos and oxfords.

Each generation redefines suiting, sometimes over the course of a generation, and sometimes overnight (practically) in tumultuous times like 2020.

This is my suiting inventory list for you based on what’s trending now, and what’s perpetually classic.

If you work in a “suit industry” = anything financially related even if suiting is not your day to day work wear, you need 6 suits, which you will use in 16 different ways; 6 as suits, 5 trousers only and 5 jackets only.

  1. A classic navy blue, in a cut and style that is current, but not trendy
  2. A classic grey, in a cut and style that is current, but not trendy
  3. A patterned windowpane or Prince of Whales that is as short and snug as is appropriate for you.
  4. A take-no-prisoners, charcoal peak lapel fitted as close to the body as is appropriate.  (this one you only wear as a suit, IMO, I don’t recommend this style to be mix and matched.  It’s too formal and stylized).
  5. A I’m-a-nice-guy, brighter blue, softer tan, beige, or light grey.
  6.  A black for evening weddings, black tie events and used as separates for holiday parties.

If you work in tech, or a creative field where a suit is thought of as a bit stuffy you still need 3 suits, that will be worn 9 different ways:

  1.  A classic blue, modern fit for weddings, interviews and more often use with the jacket or trousers separately
  2.  A black for evening weddings, black tie events and used as separates for holiday parties.
  3.  A patterned “suit” that you can wear as a suit for fun, to show off your style panache, but mostly as separates.
  4.  Feel free to repeat the above #3 as many times as you like.

My advice to you is to consider if your current suit wardrobe needs to evolve?  What is dated, what needs tailoring to look more updated, what needs replacing, and what are new and different ways to look at your suiting wardrobe and find fresh ways to use these garments in 2021.  Want some help?  That’s my job!  🙂

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