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Fashion and Accessories – Men’s Belts

Fashion comes and goes.  Style is classic and timeless. I am an advocate of a nod to fashion and trend, and a death grip on classic, timeless style. Menswear is by nature a factor of nuances; the width of a lapel, break of a trouser leg.  Because of this, one of the...

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Back to Work Wear – Fall 2021

J.Hilburn Fall Launch Supports the Work-Leisure Movement Work-Leisure is the concept of ramping up a bit on Ath-Leisure, yet keeping firmly in mind the comfort factor. "I drew inspiration leaning on a sense of warmth, comfort, and being cocooned by beautiful clothing...

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The game of golf is having a renaissance Golf-aissance as described in an Esquire article of 6/12/21.  Could golf be "cool" it speculates?  Well, yes, and actually, golf was coming back before the pandemic and has received (think social distancing, outdoor gatherings)...

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Menswear and Money: Max ROI on a $1500 Budget

When it's Time to Create a Wardrobe, Hiring a Personal Stylist adds Value and Saves Money. Clients who begin a professional relationship with me often need clothes.  Lots of clothes.  This is a picture of my guest bed with a recent man's personal shop laid out ready...

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4 Basic Business Shirt Collars and Your Face Shape

What Shirt collar is right for you?   The collar of your dress shirt is the most important component. It frames your face and to be complementary, should be in proportion to your body size, width, and height, with a nod to personal style. Let's start by exploring...

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