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So much is invested in your Graduate – don’t let them drop the ball at the final inning.


I know! I have two now 20 something’s of my own and some of the conversations we’ve had:

  1. There is so much competition! How do I stand out?
  2. What does it matter! My resume speaks for me.
  3. I am an individual (insert eye roll). I don’t want to work where I am judged for my appearance!

Here are some of the conversations I have had with colleges and other learning Institutions:

  1. We need top-job placement statistics!
  2. Our grads are top performers, but some don’t have the polish to get the best jobs.
  3. This kind of value-add material parents appreciate (and students need).

As a past Board Member of Campus to Corporate, a nationally recognized program supporting student success in the workplace, I have created training programs that focus on helping graduates and almost-graduates navigate the daunting world of job seeking.

Just for fun, here is a slide I made that answers the “what about Steve Jobs” question.

Gift your Graduate or “Class of” the advantage of a workshop or seminar with topics such as avoiding appearance distractions, looking more mature, even dining etiquette and business networking skills to set them up for success. Click Here to find out how I can help support the young people you care about.

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