Certified Image Professional

What does that actually mean?

What is a Certified Image Professional?

Certified Image Professional or CIP is a designation given by the Association of Image Consultants International. It takes hundreds of hours of education and practice with clients for the first tier, Certified Image Consultant (CIC), and thousands more for the second tier, CIP. AICI is the premier professional organization worldwide and I am proud to be one of less than 100 individuals worldwide who hold this designation.

What exactly does a CIP do?

I enable men and women to make powerful changes in their lives through optimal management and strategy of their appearance – from hair to shoes and everything in between.

CIP’s often train and hold workshops.  This is a special interest and joy of mine; I have taught color and styling to consultants, dining etiquette to college students, professional appearance to big insurance and accounting firms to name just a few.  Let’s talk about the needs of your organization.

Bottom line:  if you are reading this, you understand that the less time you have to make an impression on someone, (like your Linked In picture for example) the more your appearance matters. Humans make initial “know, like and trust” decisions based on the first few seconds of an impression.

#1  An almost instant impression of ability and competence is made based on appearance.
#2  This impression translates to the viewer as negative or positive based on their expectations.

#3  You have the power to adjust your appearance to fit their expectation and thus support your goals!

“It’s not manipulation, its subliminal strategic influence.”

Ann Lindsay, author of The Mens Interview Advantage

Can you see how important it is to ensure alignment between the two?

It’s a magical circle, and one that is so easy to improve – social confidence – professional acumen – financial reward all begins to fall into place.

What does this mean for you?

If you want a full-time, fully committed, expertly trained, highly experienced partner in your journey, you are in the right place.

My job and my commitment to you is that we will make the best purchasing decisions based on your goals, your style, your budget and your existing wardrobe, and then I will help you accessorize it and know when and how to wear it.

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