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It’s 2021, Are Suits Now “Out”?

No, no and no!  Men's suiting is an iconic, foundation of a man's wardrobe. Suiting is however evolving (again) in both style and the occasion in which they are worn.   Esquire Magazine quips "unless you think we are all going to dress like Captain Kirk"... this is...

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Video Style Guide on Business Casual Shoes

Tread lightly Gentlemen: In the land of the new, MORE-casual-business-casual there is a fine line between sloppy/too sporty and dressing as a grown-up professional.  Shoes are one of the best and easiest ways to up elevate your look, while still keeping that casual...

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Workplace Apparel Trends for 2021

Post COVID (can I say that yet?) heralds another (like after the 1918 Pandemic) seismic shift in fashion.           Industry and fashion experts agree that we will get sick of wearing sweatpants, but that a few trends will stay with as we head...

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A Review of Seasonal Formal/Evening Menswear

You can light up the room, and your significant other's eyes by showing up to at least one event this holiday season "dressed". Less parties only means the ones you participate in, even if their are only a few people are all the more significant.  Show you care by...

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