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4 Basic Business Shirt Collars and Your Face Shape

What Shirt collar is right for you?   The collar of your dress shirt is the most important component. It frames your face and to be complementary, should be in proportion to your body size, width, and height, with a nod to personal style. Let's start by exploring...

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What Do I Wear to Work to Avoid High Heels?

The Future of High Heels Looks Wobbly—at Least for Now Not to plagiarize, but I couldn't have said it better than this 4/13/21 article headline from Wall Street Journal. This image is characteristic of most women's shoe wardrobes "pre-pandemic" and not just for...

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What Does Confidence “Look Like”?

Confidence:  a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. I'm sure you have heard the phrase "fake it till you make it".  Knowing how to visually support your confident appearance can actually go a lot further than...

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10 Tips to Highlight the Positive for Women

Every woman has wonderful qualities that she can use to her advantage.  What are yours?   Yes, that's me.  My eyes are grey-blue, but for this photo session I wanted to make them bluer.  Matching your clothing to your eye color is an excellent way to bring focus and...

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10 Tips to Visually Slim the Overweight Man

It's Rare to See a Well Dressed Man who is Significantly Overweight - Why is That!? When the stomach outpaces the chest and rear, fit issues occur. But that doesn't mean give up and throw in the towel.  I love seeing a well dressed man of ANY size or shape, and so...

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What do Lady Bosses Wear?

I came across this Pinterest Board the other day, titled Executive Women and clicked on it.  Christina does a good job with the images, but what I wanted to bring to you was the WHAT and the WHY of the images you were looking at, and how to incorporate them into your...

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