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Executive Coaching Feedback on Image

What is the Most Common Feedback I Hear from Executive Coaches? Too Casual or sporty - work is not the gym Needs polish and professionalism to move to the next level Executive presence is not supported by wardrobe Grooming is sloppy Dresses like one of the "kids" or...

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Covid Weight? 12 (No-Spend) Tips to look Slimmer Now

12 Days of Christmas Tips Right from Your Closet to Look Slimmer Seems 10% of my clients have lost 30 pounds during the WFH pandemic, and 90% have gained 15.  If you are in the latter majority, pick up a few tips here on how to smooth, camouflage, and pretend it...

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What Outerwear Pieces Do You Really Need?

Outerwear - AKA What is Seen First: The Coat Closet is often the scene of the biggest "fashion crimes" seen during a closet edit.  Gender notwithstanding here is where the oldest, most bedraggled, out-of-style, saggy, motheaten garments ever to grace your physique...

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Fashion and Accessories – Men’s Belts

Fashion comes and goes.  Style is classic and timeless. I am an advocate of a nod to fashion and trend, and a death grip on classic, timeless style. Menswear is by nature a factor of nuances; the width of a lapel, break of a trouser leg.  Because of this, one of the...

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Back to Work Wear – Fall 2021

J.Hilburn Fall Launch Supports the Work-Leisure Movement Work-Leisure is the concept of ramping up a bit on Ath-Leisure, yet keeping firmly in mind the comfort factor. "I drew inspiration leaning on a sense of warmth, comfort, and being cocooned by beautiful clothing...

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