My Guarantee


Image work is personal.

It can be intimate.

It is always enlightening.

There are moments of clarity.   And of puzzlement.

It can be emotional.

Especially when that $3500 cashmere sport coat you bought in 1998 hits the Goodwill pile.

Talking “image” is a new language to many.  Sometimes it’s hard to “see” what I see.

I will always be kind.

And I will always give you 110%.

And I will always delight in your breakthroughs.

So back to the guarantees:

#1  I do not accept money from unhappy clients.

#2  If you bought J.Hilburn from me, I am proud that the company I work with will allow returns, exchanges, remakes, tailoring for any reason within 3 months of delivery.

My only ask of you is you tell me what’s going on as soon as you are aware, that you give me a chance to fix it and that everybody is nice.



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