Are There Risks Buying Custom Menswear?

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Dress for Success, Image consulting for Men, J Hilburn

“Hi, my name is Bob, and I am a recovering custom-clothing client”


Okay, maybe not so funny?  Many (many) men have tried custom and did not have a good experience:


  1.  They bought from a company rep who flew in from overseas and booked a downtown hotel room
  2.  They bought a wicked expensive garment from an upscale shop to find it was not returnable
  3.  They went to 3 or 4 or 5 (?) fittings at the tailor, and it still wasn’t right
  4.  They purchased something that the quality was so poor it was not even worth tailoring
  5.  The tailor or sales rep argued about the fit being satisfactory
  6.  And more…

If you are reading this you pretty likely know I sell custom menswear.  My tenants of how I run my personal brand below, but promotion aside, this is what you want to ask or research about:

  1. If you want personal service, you need to have a personal relationship.  Is the provider of your custom garment likely to be the one you go to again if there is a problem?  Or to order again next year?  What is their stake in the business?
  2. What is the experience level of the custom provider?  Did they sign up as a Rep last Tuesday, or have they been working with this line for some time.
  3. What is the return or remake policy?  Read this carefully.
  4. What are the “minimums”?  Some companies ask you to buy 3 or more items at a time (more cost effective for them) but more painful for you if there is a fit disconnect.
  5. How long will it take to get your custom items.  The industry standard is 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. What is the process?  Will you need fittings?  How many?  Do you go to them, or they to you?
  7. What is the quality of the fabric?  Can you feel it?  Where was it manufactured?
  8. What additional costs should you be prepared for, which addons are an up-charge and which are included?
  9. Search _____insert brand name_____ + Reviews onto Google.  Or ask if any local recommendations could be provided to you?

Why I wrote this article, and why J.Hilburn and I are menswear partners: 

  1.  I have partnered my business with J.Hilburn because of the quality, value, and 3 months fully returnable guaranteed garments and accessories.
  2. Fabrics are gorgeous, manufacturing is sustainable and most high tech in the industry
  3. No minimums.
  4. Good turnaround, a direct ship custom garment arrives to your door sometimes in just 2 weeks.
  5. This is MY business.  If you are not happy, I am not happy.
  6. I am a local small business person, 10 years in business.  Customer Service is what I do.
  7. I bring significant value to the custom selection process; I’m not “just a rep” I’m a Certified Image Consultant with access to a custom clothing resource.

What’s the process?  Well, let’s break the ice together with just a shirt?  Here’s how easy, conveniently and virtually it is to get a perfect outcome:

  1.  You go to
  2.  Click (upper right) Register Now and I will reach out to you
  3. While you are there, poke around a bit, maybe even choose a fabric for a new shirt?
  4. We Zoom call for about 30 minutes during which time I will get your sizes, and we will “build” your shirt
  5. I order it with all the details you (I’ll help you of course) picked out.  It’s easy and fun.
  6. It is shipped directly to you
  7. We Zoom call try it on together and based on this conversation:
    1. you say no thanks and return it for full credit back on your card.
    2. you love it but ask me to change a size or a detail – anything on it – and I have it remade for you
    3. you love it and order 10 more! LOL.


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