Hi! I am Ann Lindsay.

Because you are here, I’ll tell you about me.
But after that, everything else is all about YOU!

You are here wondering if I have what you need.

That’s smart.


Style of Success is the creation of Ann Lindsay, an internationally certified Image Professional by the Association of Image Consultants International.  This is a level of industry practice, continuing education and client work that takes about a decade to achieve, and currently places me with the top 100 professionals in the image field worldwide.

As a resource for my male clients I have also built a business of 400 clients and 100 Personal Stylists on my team with the direct sales, affordable luxury menswear provider J. Hilburn.  

I have lived in Long Island and Westchester, New York, and went to High School and College in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Now, I’ve lived 30 years in my 1769 Saltbox Colonial in Fairfield County, CT. I was married and raised two fine sons and found a darling foster daughter along the way. Divorce precipitated my own transformation and Style of Success was born!

Most women image professionals work with women. I do work happily with women, but my practice has focused more heavily on working with men. I enjoy working with men as a consultant and a J.Hilburn Stylist. I feel valued and respected as a trusted advisor, and I find men often don’t have the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with someone about their appearance.

So enough about me.

You want to work with me if:

  • You are serious about change and ready to learn and grow
  • You want to invest in a best-in-class experienced consultant
  • You want to work with a consultant that is kind, real and respectful of your budget and privacy
  • You are anxious about this work, it’s out of your comfort zone

Here’s what I’m not a match with:

  • Spending crazy money on haute couture – I believe in good quality and value, less in labels.   

My business beliefs and joy in serving are described on the My Guarantee Page.

Personal Styling and Confidence Transformations for “mere mortals” are what light me up!

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