10 Tips to Highlight the Positive for Women

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Dress for Success, Image Consulting for Women

Every woman has wonderful qualities that she can use to her advantage.  What are yours?

  1.   Yes, that’s me.  My eyes are grey-blue, but for this photo session I wanted to make them bluer.  Matching your clothing to your eye color is an excellent way to bring focus and attention to your eyes (which are by the way the “window to your soul”.  Belief that or not, eyes are an important communication tool.
  2.    Wear heels with pants, jeans, skirts (not shorts) dresses.  Not necessary a high heel, low kitten heels are just fine.  There is something that just says I am a woman of consequence when you are wearing a shoe with a heel, and it makes your feet look smaller and your legs look lovely.
  3.   Know your body shape/silhouette:  determine if your chest, waist or bottom should be highlighted, and then do so.  Celebrate your curves as a woman with clothing that skims (not pulls) smoothly over your best attribute without excess fabric.  Highlight your stomach if your hips and/or bust are full.  If you have a great booty make sure your jeans show it off, and rock a pencil skirt on a date.  Highlight your waist with cropped tops, wide belts, pops of color at the waist, light to dark color changes (light blouse tucked into black pants) at the waist will draw the eye.   Another waist focusing trick is to alter your jacket sleeves to 3/4 length.  When your arms hang down, it creates a focal point at your waist.
  4.   Get very familiar with a tailor.  For your existing clothing and what you purchase in the future, virtually everything should pass by your neighborhood tailor for a nip and tuck.  Sleeves and hems can be adjusted to the correct length, gaps in the backs of waistbands, smoothing of lines in a jacket – all kinds of wonders happen here.
  5.  SMILE.  If you feel you can’t smile fully due to dental issues do everything in your power to make that work available to you.  No one cares about your butt when you have locked them into a SMIES.  (smiling with your eyes). If you want to know how to “smies”, you look directly at someone as you smile and simultaneously think a kind, grateful or loving thought about them.  The results are amazing.
  6.   Wear monochromatic outfits.  Not only is this tres chic and elegant, but wearing one color allows the eye to smoothly glide from top to bottom.  Try to move away from black…  experiment with camel or ivory as other great neutrals.
  7.  Wear a dress.  A classic wrap dress if in doubt.  Dresses are amazingly camouflaging and PRETTY.   And they feel pretty.  And that translates to your demeanor, boosts your confidence, is picked up by others as positive energy and the circle is complete.
  8.   Wear great accessories like an designer (or knock off) handbag.  Something substantial.  Maybe in a bold color.  A woman holding a great handbag is a force to be reckoned with!
  9.  Show some skin – if your legs are great wear skirts at or slightly above the knee.  If your arms rock choose a shorter or (out of the office) a sleeveless blouse.  Got an amazing decolletage?   Hint at it with shirts and tops that allow a small bit to show.  Afterall, we are women!
  10.  Wear the correct foundation garments that smooth and help pull in a little here… support a little there…  Seriously a shaper that is comfortable literally will take 10 pounds off and make your feel firm and confident.

Bonus Tip #11:  Attitude:  Virtually no one’s body (especially after age 40) is perfect.  And guess what – the ONLY person on earth who expects it to be is YOU.  So get over that Sister, and believe me when I tell you that the world will react to how you made them feel, rather than your muffin top, or your ancient acne scars or whatever your visual self doubt highlight is.  I promise.

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