The game of golf is having a renaissance

Golf-aissance as described in an Esquire article of 6/12/21 Could golf be “cool” it speculates?  Well, yes, and actually, golf was coming back before the pandemic and has received (think social distancing, outdoor gatherings) a nice boost in popularity.

Golf is now attracting a much younger and diverse crowd which is a good thing.  So what are all these younger, hipper men and women wearing to play?

Well, if you want a chuckle, Google “Worst Golf Outfits” and you will get a jolt of what-not-to-wear.  If no tartan cap, no stained armpit shirts, no loud argyle sweater, if the cargo shorts and elastic waist pant police are stationed at the first tee – what do you wear and fulfill the standard dress code requirement (most courses) of “collared shirt tucked into knee-length shorts or long pants”.

Gentleman’s Gazette, a font of classic menswear information quotes regarding modern golf wear “Usually, we are strong advocates of using natural materials and traditional cuts to get the classic style look; however, golf is a physical sport and the industry has moved to embrace new techy materials and construction that are designed to enhance your game.”

Which sums up what I know. For both genders, golf apparel is still fairly classic in form, high tech in function and extremely unisex.  For women, as always there is more latitude in apparel, with your best bet leaning toward modesty in fit and style, and being comfortable. Skorts are better than skirts.

For men, I’ve pulled a few KeyLooks from the J.Hilburn line, which I think does golf (and casual in general) very well.  Fabrics are high performance, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking; there are pants and shorts details such as the internal waistband gripper referenced in the Gazette article, tee loops as well as a nifty reversible golf belt, allowing you to match your belt to your white shoes one day, and your tan the next. Or grey. Or navy.

As for shirts, the golf polo is a standard, and what enthusiast worth his or her (golf) salt doesn’t have a dozen Swanky-Course-Logo-Polo collection hanging in the closet, right?   And that’s okay, but I suggest having the option of a couple of non-logo shirts, for when you are taking out a client or the newbie at work and not wanting to be all in his face about your status.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the menswear offering, click here for the J.Hilburn Golf Lookbook 2021.  

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