Menswear and Money: Max ROI on a $1500 Budget

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When it’s Time to Create a Wardrobe, Hiring a Personal Stylist adds Value and Saves Money.

Clients who begin a professional relationship with me often need clothes.  Lots of clothes.  This is a picture of my guest bed with a recent man’s personal shop laid out ready to label and deliver for a fitting session.  Including are 10 shoes (not pictured here) and almost 100 pieces of clothing from 5 different suppliers.   This client was “starting over” and ready for a fresh, new everything!

Not every client starts off in such a big way, but every client’s purchasing budget is important, large or small.  To that end, I thought you might like to know how I would allocate a smaller budget to maximize spend and wearability.

If you are ready to launch out into the world for about $1500 this is what I would recommend:

Start with a suit that will layer in with mix and match business casual work attire, and something for an upscale take-a-girl-out-to-dinner. A medium navy or Storm Blue suit is your interview suit, go-to-wedding suit as well as separates of a blazer and trouser.  The one linked above is custom-fitted and retails at $650 by J.Hilburn is the best value in suiting IMO that I know across ALL brands.

Include 3 dress shirts, these from Nordstrom for $120 will fit the bill at least initially, and the non-iron means easy care.  A $25 brown belt and brown oxfords both from Zappos, love the perforated leather of these Florsheims at $100; they are formal enough for a suit, and will look great at a bar with chino’s or jeans.

So we’ve spent $900.  Now we add some business casual/social to the mix, we can begin to veer off into popular brands such as J.Crew, or if he can fit into it, Banana Republic.  Lulu Lemon maybe for their ABC performance pant.   He will need 2 or 3 chino’s and/or denim, 3 or 4 more casual button-down shirts, a tech vest, and a pair of lifestyle sneakers (I like this one as it doubles tan and grey) and possibly a tie and dress socks – all can be had for the remaining $600.00.

Next quarter (or bonus or paycheck) we add a sport coat and outerwear piece, polo’s, a couple of sweaters, and a pair of casual shoes like Drivers or slip-on loafers.

This image depicts the looks that can be created with this kind of quick-start wardrobe. What do you think the lifetime payback will be for this investment as a young man?  I think it’s huge.

Next steps?  I’ve provided all the links above – you can DIY or you can hire me to put it all together for you.  I have a starter package at $499 described on my SuitedForLove site that includes a personal consultation and personal online shopping.

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