What is the Most Common Feedback I Hear from Executive Coaches?

  • Too Casual or sporty – work is not the gym
  • Needs polish and professionalism to move to the next level
  • Executive presence is not supported by wardrobe
  • Grooming is sloppy
  • Dresses like one of the “kids” or “staff”, not like a company manager or leader

Yes, your image and appearance is a reflection of your personal style, but it also must be in alignment with your career goals.

If the Sr VP had to select ONE person from the floor based solely on how well they were dressed to meet the unexpected heavy hitter client who just walked in – would they pick you?

If your name came up in a board meeting as a potential for a top management position, every person there would immediately conjure up a VISUAL of you.  What would that visual look like?

I don’t want you to EVER miss an opportunity based on something as simple, and easy to fix as visual appearance and wardrobe.  And if you aren’t sure it really matters, check out this FORBES article, or The Business Insider.

So okay, what does that entail you ask?

Discovery:  Finding out about you, how you dress, what your clothing challenges are, what you think the dress code of your industry or culture of your company expects, and how you visualize adapting to that.   We’ll talk about what you have and what your budget is for an upgrade.

Analysis:  What looks best on you, what colors, what styles, what do you own that is dated, what doesn’t fit you anymore, what can you keep in your closet, what do you need to discard and what’s on the shopping list.

Procurement:  Where should I shop for you to get the most bang for your buck?  How I will assist you in the try-ons, outfit creation, and staying on budget decisions.

Confidence and a sense of control are the first benefits you will feel – knowing how to use your closet as a strategic business tool and a wonderful feeling that you are organized, efficient, and frankly looking pretty awesome when leaving the house.

What you receive for your investment is a whole lot of:

  • “Have you lost weight?”
  • “Did you have ‘work’ done?”
  • “Hi, I’ve decided to accept your proposal”
  • “Shoot me some dates, I’d like to talk about the next steps for you in the company”

Ann Lindsay is Style of Success and J.Hilburn Custom Menswear 

I work to make you [more money!] look and feel effortlessly confident. 

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