Your Career Master Plan is Supported by Your Wardrobe

by | Sep 28, 2010 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

  • Am I as efficient as I could be or are there tasks I could automate?
  • Would I be more efficient if I made the determination to “batch” my work
  • Do I have to do everything I do, or could I delegate some things?
  • Do I attempt to keep a relatively organized and clear desk?
  • Should I consider setting boundaries for staff to respect my “work” time as different from “open door” time to protect your productivity?
  • Are there any time wasting meetings I can gracefully stop attending?

And here’s an epiphany.  Each one of these items can be applied to your wardrobe.

  • Do you have what you need in there?
  • Are your garments pre-matched so you know what goes with what?
  • Do you spend valuable Saturdays floundering around at the mall?
  • Do you have the garments you need to support your goals?
  • Do you have the multiple types of clothing types men need for varied business and social crossover needs?
  • Can you get what you need efficiently and hassle free?

Nothing fits and looks better on YOU than custom.

The easiest way to look your best is to make a single phone call. What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up at your home (or office), measures you in a snap, helps you choose from several hundred shirting fabrics, dozens of shirt style options…

  • AND beautiful dress trousers, suiting and jeans
  • AND gorgeous belts, leather goods and cufflinks for the trimmings,
  • AND fabulous cashmere sweaters and outerwear to wrap it all up,
  • AND it is ALL guaranteed!

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist, Trainer and Recruiter

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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