You need makeup! (even Barbie does)

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Image Consulting for Women

From Barbie to Movie Stars, thank goodness “social convention” has gifted us with the ability to use makeup to enhance our looks and strategically provide definition in our features when and where we want it.

As you can see, even these beauties are red-nosed, under-eye bagged, blemish-ed and well, just not the Barbie we were expecting…

Makeup is a business tool.

It is used to reduce distractions in the skin, emphasis your eyes, create harmonious symmetry, and last but not least – give us a confidence boost.

Let me show you how to utilize makeup to support your image. If you have not been a makeup user in the past, or you are a very minimalistic makeup user, its time to consider introducing simple, natural looking, quick and easy steps to your morning regimen that will see you “beautifully” throughout the day.


Want to know how to make make-up work for you?

Call me. I created Style of Success for Women because I am passionate about helping YOU look and feel terrific!

I will c0me to your home and together we will discover:

  • What looks best on you and WHY
  • What belongs in your closet and what doesn’t
  • How clothing can influence how you are perceived (think at the office, or on a date?)
  • Ensure you make the highest and best use of your wardrobe investment dollars.

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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