Why Invest in Quality Shoes?

by | Apr 25, 2015 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

What are the advantages to spending more for quality shoes?

#1  A quality shoe is constructed using a “Goodyear welt“.  In short, this has to do with the stitching of the shoe to the sole being on the outside of the shoe, rather than the less expensive Blake construction has stitching on the inside, that can be less watertight and irritate the wearer.

#2  A quality shoe will have a solid leather sole, as opposed to a rubber sole or a thin leather soles glued together.  A quality leather sole can be replaced by a cobbler and allow a shoe to last for 20 years.

#3  “Full Grain leather”  as opposed to “corrected grain leather” which is a process that chemicals and fillers (that wear off) are added to the surface of he leather to make it look even in appearance.

#4  You can completely restore quality shoes.

#5  Last but certainly not least… Quality shoes are absolutely beautiful and they make a timeless statement of elegance and style about the wearer.

Want to know which shoes you should invest in?

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