What’s Wrong With “Big and Tall” for Men

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Image consulting for Men

The current shopping experience for Larger Men is terrible.

You guys struggle to navigate both literally and figuratively to find clothes that fit.

Jammed racks and cramped fitting rooms are the least of your problems when and if you are forced to shop.

Options are very limited.  Fabrics are limited. Style variations are practically non-existent.

Sizes are “even only” (50, 52, 54 etc) and often offered as “nested” suits, so you are forced to buy pants that are too big, or a jacket that is too small.

WORSE is that manufacturers of these larger men’s sizes use formulaic grading to “grow” a standard size 40 suit up to 50, 60 and more.  The physique of a man who wears a size 60 suit in NO way compares to a size 40.  So the template is bad to start with, and the fit is bad to finish.

A solution:

My J.Hilburn (have I mentioned how proud I am to work with this brand?) has it solved.  They have built custom suiting, literally just for you, based on patterns developed from the dimensions and fit preferences of hundreds of men size 50 to 60.

The most important feature is that there are two kinds of BIG guys:

Big like football big,

Big like good living “red wine and pasta” big  🙂

Each have totally different silhouettes.

J.Hilburn has created suiting patterns to fit them both.

  1.  Jackets and Trousers sold in 1″ increments (not 2″)
  2.  Jackets and Trousers sold as separates – not “nested”
  3.  Additional adjustments to create the most flattering look, for example, pocket sizing and placement being correct for these sizes.
  4.  Extra belt loops to ensure your belt fits comfortably, and securely.

5.   Seams that bear stress points, like the seat and sides of trousers are reinforced with a taped band for durability.

6.   Optional brace buttons (for suspenders)

7.  Optional expanding waistband

And of course, ALL the styling details that our size 40 guys know and love.

Can you (Big Guy) imagine the ecstatic delight (?!) you will feel to have hundreds of gorgeous quality fabrics, hundreds of style options (your benchmark will NEVER again be “does it button”) to create the sartorial works of art you were meant – you deserve to have?

And if all that were not enough, you get to shop with personalized service from the comfort of your living room or your office conference room.  With me.  Someone who cares about getting the outcome right.

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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