What results can an Image Consultant bring? A Bankers Transformation

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Image consulting for Men

Here is a Style of Success client who has a wonderful new social look!

This gentleman, a veteran in the banking industry was very confident in his business attire.  His standards are exacting and collection of suits is 40 strong.

However,  his social wardrobe did not even suggest he was the man of substance and means that he was.  His weekend clothes said “soccer dad” but he was really far more sophisticated and elegant than that.

With stronger coloring, he responded very well to these wonderful intense jewel tone colors he hadn’t previously thought of for casual wear. These are just black jeans, but they are a slimmer cut than he had been buying, and they show off a terrific physique that had been hiding under baggy trouser-ed suits and too loose jeans.

Casual, self assured and looking terrific – that’s the end result of this consultation!

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  • Provide high ROI shopping services or bring JHilburn custom clothing right to your home or office.

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