What is the definition of a "Gentleman"?

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

How to YOU define being a “gentleman”?  

It includes having good manners but is not about having good manners.

It includes being well read, and being able to toss out a quote or two, but is not about literacy or wit. 

It includes being well dressed and having personal style, but is not about being well dressed and having personal style. 

Being a Gentlemen is about ensuring that others around you are at ease, no matter what the circumstances… be they shaky or stirred.

This can be demonstrated by knowing how to properly introduce two people. 

By tipping appropriately and being gracious to wait staff. 

By chasing after a stranger who has dropped something.

By having a clean handkerchief available for spills, tears or lipstick smears. 

By displaying nuances of your own table manners and awareness of the comfort/needs of your companion.  

By remembering birthdays and other meaningful life celebrations

By RSVPing before the requested date. 

By taking charge in a crowded bar and guiding her by the elbow through the mass.  Even on a first date.

By using profanity judiciously.

By listening before you speak. 

A gentleman also has the responsibility to himself and his surroundings to dress in a fashion that allows him to shine, and is respectful of his environment and the task at hand. 

tumblr_lmide2LPjG1qa2j8co1_500He knows that menswear is about the details.

Does it fit properly or is it too baggy, too long, too snug?

It is current or does it appear dated and worn?

Is there any resonance between the colors and patterns?

If there are no colors and patterns is it dead boring?

SS14_Preview_18_071_01-3Does it reflect well on him to his client as a purveyor of his goods and services? From Creative to Traditional and all points in between.

Did he choose any accessories to express his style – pocket square, functional button holes on a jacket, fun socks, great shoes, exotic leather belt, tie bar are all options.

For the answers to these questions and more, your menswear expert is standing by ready to lend a hand.

J Hilburn: Your Style not Ours.

Nothing fits and looks better on YOU than custom!  No pricey designer label – just you and me helping you to create the wardrobe that matches your personality, needs and budget.  Nothing fits and looks better on you.  Guaranteed.

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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