What do Top (unemployed) Executives Want to Know?

by | May 5, 2011 | Articles for Both, Image consulting for Men, Image Consulting for Women

Today my colleague Dianne Boras of Vada Image Consulting for Women and I presented to 28 job seeking executives currently affiliated with the Norwalk office of the nationwide employment firm Right Management.

What were their top concerns?

Question: In today’s more casual business atmosphere, is interviewing in a suit and tie still expected in most offices?

Answer: Yes! Regardless if you are interviewing at Google or IBM, there is a cultural expectation that you will show up dressed respectfully and appropriately – ie. a suit. However, the nuances of that suit are where you take the important additional step to assimilate the company’s culture into your outfit. Creative industry? Add a pocket square of colored silk, Sales or personnel job? Wear a shirt with a significant color such as french blue, or pink. Technical job? Iron your clothes.

Question: What about brown?

Answer: Dark brown, espresso brown (remember the brown suits that Reagan wore?) are a fine business choice for the mid to lower ranges of formality choices – that is, not the most formal (usually legal or financial) that require charcoal and navy exclusively. A dark brown suit often resonates very well with the coloring of the wearer – thus making him look more attractive which is a benefit all by itself! Guess Reagan cared more how he looked…!

Question: How do I shake a woman’s hand?

Answer: The SAME! No bone crushing is required for either sex to affirm master of the universe dominance or superiority. What is important is that you do give a real shake – no limp fish – that you fully engage your hand with hers, and you maintain eye contact throughout the shake.

It’s time to look as good as your resume!

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