Two Fashion Faux Pas I see almost everyday

by | May 23, 2011 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

Most common menswear mistakes

1. Square Toe Shoes

Gucci’s are a fashion statement, I don’t love them, but I “get” them.

However, these are just plain BAD.
They make you look shorter, stockier and for a younger man wishing to look more authoritative, they look very just-out-of-college look. There is nothing sophisticated or elegant.
And I wouldn’t mention it except I see you guys STILL wearing them.

2. Comb overs

Silly picture, but the majority of you (yes majority!) that have thinning hair and are using this WAY out of date tactic to make what there is stretch out.
Here is the rule of thumb. Your part should not be any lower down on your head than the center of your eyebrow,
If your hair is thinning, cut it shorter! Comb it more backwards and way way shorter.

Consider how much more authentic, powerful and HOT that will look!

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