Wearing a Watch is a Key Style Component

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

Why wear a watch when I am permanently tethered to my cell phone?

There are several reasons:

1. As an accessory/piece of jewelry.  Men, especially in traditional offices have a limited range on what jewelry is acceptable.  A watch is a handsome option and can be used to demonstrate your taste and style.

2.  An indicator of your success.  The right watch can demonstrate to clients or colleagues that you have arrived.  The subliminal message of a fine watch is that you have confidence that what you offer your clients is worth paying for.

3.  A way to avoid the faux pas of looking at your phone (gosh, is he so bored with our conversation he is checking his texts?) for the time.  Looking at your watch for the time sends the message that you value time.   The clients and yours.

What watch to choose?  From classic, understated and minimalist, to showy or showing multiple time zones, it’s internal workings or water resistant to 3000 meters I can help you select the perfect watch.

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