Are you at a turning point in your life? 

  • Maybe you lost your job to the pandemic?
  • Maybe your kids are getting older and you can finally see opportunities in your schedule?
  • Maybe you’re simply unsatisfied with the daily 9-5 

Regardless of your situation, you have a knack and an interest in fashion and style.

Have you ever thought of being a Personal Stylist?

I’ve worked as a J.Hilburn Personal Stylist since 2010 and I love it!  My work brings confidence and convenience to men, as well as financial security, work flexibility and joy in sharing what I do with my Stylist community. 

I am an Independent J.Hilburn Stylist as well as an Image Consultant.  Please feel free to explore here to see more about what I do, as well as on the high power, high tech J.Hilburn retail website link here: 

J.Hilburn Retail Website

 Together, J.Hilburn and I are all about helping you achieve your goals.  What is important to you? 

  1. Support yourself or supplement your income. You run your own business, and you can scale it as large or as small as you like.
  2. Create your own schedule. You decide your hours: you can build your business around your family and personal life (even your job).
  3. Work creatively and have fun! You get to play with fabrics, work with great guys, style outfits that you and your clients love, and work in whatever environment you’re most comfortable.

    I am looking for you – Are you looking for me?

     Reach out directly and let’s talk.  I’d love to tell you more. 


    Working with Ann…

    If you are considering working with J Hilburn as a business, I highly recommend Ann Lindsay as your sponsor/trainer/mentor. Ann is a top professional in her company, her image background gives her a menswear edge like no other, and her passion for helping others enjoy and thrive in their business is inspiring.

    Cindi Melkerson

    Certified Health and Life Coach

    This snap is from a Team Brunch.  We work for ourselves, but not by ourselves.  I love that I get to be a part of the J.Hilburn family and I invite you – come on in! 🙂

    Shawn, Ann and Kimberly