Suit Coat Buttoning Rules

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Image consulting for Men

When to Button and Which to Button?

Jackets are buttoned as a sign of (self) respect when standing and in particular when presenting. They are always unbuttoned (fully) when sitting. In the 80’s when three button jackets were popular, a rule of thumb was coined “sometimes, always, never”.  This referred to the three closure buttons on the jacket, and the advice to button the top one, possibly the middle and never the bottom. Today two button jackets are far more popular, and the style rule is more simple – top button only when standing.  All other times open.    A little royal history on button closure courtesy of The Insider if you would like to read more.  

Like to translate this to your bottom line?

Statistical studies show that professionals have significantly higher compensation and greater success when their appearance and grooming are perceived as superior. No need to leave that kind of money on the table.

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