Suit Care, and Maintenance of a Quality Wardrobe

by | Sep 3, 2011 | Image consulting for Men

You have invested in good quality garments. Now how do you keep them looking their best and get the most return on investment from your purchases?

How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Great

Shoe trees maintain shape, reduce odor, and prolong the life of your shoes by a factor of three! Make quality shoe purchases and then divide that number by a decade of wearings.

Save money on unnecessary and damaging dry cleaning and buy a steamer.

Good ones are around $150 or more, but I just bought a $69 handheld at Bed, Bath and Beyond which seems to be fine. Steaming is by far the best way to remove wrinkles from your better garments.
Something spilled on your suit?

Let it dry and then brush it off with a clothes brush. Getting into the habit of giving your suit a quick brushing prior to putting it away at the end of the day removes dirt you didn’t know was there.

Off season garments, especially woolens in the summer should be protected by suit and sweater bags.

A moth or two can wreak havoc to a wardrobe. If you can put your things in a off-use closet, throw a hanging moth repellent in there. I know that many dry cleaners offer seasonal storage too – can be a good space saving plan.
If you have pets, put a lint roller by the door.

Last minute check to leave the house: keys, wallet, phone, and a swipe with the roller. My kids are still mad that I didn’t get the “nice white cat” at the shelter a decade ago, and opted for the “mean black one!” (really). You won’t think it’s necessary until you do it and see what’s comes off!

Fold sweaters, they stretch out badly when hung. Even polo shirts are far happier on a shelf than a wire hanger. Ensure that suits and sportcoats are only on good suit hangars – the ones with broad shoulder support. The only wire hangers in your closet are on your “just from the cleaners” shirts.
Don’t cram your clothes into the closet – a little air between garments is necessary.

Are You Ready for Professional Help?

If you need help in determining what should stay and what should go, from a  Professional Wardrobe Consultant, the easiest way is to make the call that will get you organized and create that closet that functions as a business tool!

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