Men, look Sophisticated when Traveling

by | Jun 17, 2011 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

Why can the average American Traveler often be spotted from 100 yards?

Why do so many people “lose it” (visually) when they go on vacation?  That’s not necessary! It takes just as much effort to pull on a pair of great trousers and button a great shirt as a schlepy one.

Let’s make a pact to step up a bit.

This young man has a lot more polish than many of the gentlemen I see twice his age at the airport.

I’d make on adjustment – lose the athletic shoes, and add leather slip on loafers (better at security too). He’s wearing his need-to-bring sport coat which he can put in the overhead bin or give to his girl friend for a blanket.
He looks neat, trim, tailored, not fussy or formal, not overburdened with luggage, and he could run in to his boss en route to the conference wearing this with no problem.

Getting to your destination and being in relaxation mode is not the time to pull out your voluminous cargo shorts, Bud Light tee and flip flops, when it’s just as easy to slip into slim shorts, a great casual shirt and REAL shoes.
Sandals are really a tricky accessory – if you are at the pool of course that’s fine, but all other venues go for real footwear – even a canvas sneaker.

So What Can You Do To Look Your Best?

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