Need to Know Summer "Appropriate" Fabrics

by | Jun 1, 2012 | Image consulting for Men

Warm weather adds a new dimension to your closet know-how: Fabric.

Ever seen a Tweed jacket with crisp cotton trousers? Or how about a gauzy linen shirt with wool gabardine dress slacks?
These examples can be of wonderful quality, color and fit, but the disparity of fabric make them a mistake.  Summertime is the perfect season to switch up the fabric choices you have in your closet, but you need to keep some continuity in mind when you do.

Cotton and Linen are summers traditional go-to fabrics.  In both cases, they are a bit less formal than their tightly worsted wool gabardine suiting cousins, but often summer is a bit more casual in the business world, and you can get away with more.

For your Social Wear needs, a  navy  linen jacket is a wonderful alternative this summer to a Thirsten-Howell-the-Third-blazer.

In this breezy comfortable realm, if you want a more formal look, choose a polished cotton for a sport coat such as this $395 beauty by J Hilburn.

Linen is a very cool and comfortable natural fiber  For tailored goods (suits, jackets and trousers) I prefer linen blends as the “other” fabric will add durability and reduce wrinkles common to all linen fabrics.

Two great $109 J Hilburn linen shirting options.  Picture these with either short or long sleeves and a “soft” unstructured collar.  Maybe even a flat bottomed hem (this one won’t be too long!) to wear untucked.
Seersucker is recognized by it’s ripply/smooth alternating pattern. It can be made of cotton,  or blends. It’s lightweight, and thought of more as a social (think summer party on the lawn) fabric than professional.

Accessories are not exempt from this potential land mine.  Cotton suiting for summer is often better paired with cotton ties or linen ties, or at least a blend that mutes the sheen of silk.  Consider these two great ties – but great for different purposes:
Linen Stripe Tie - Sky This from J Hilburn is a linen/silk blend and is perfect for cotton, linen and blend suiting as well as sport coats with jeans this summer.
Satin Multi Stripe Tie - Blue This is a gorgeous J Hilburn tie also, but can you see that it is too shiny for these higher textured, more matt summer fabrics? It would be a home run for a finely woven navy gabardine suit however.

Want to know how to make the fabrics of summer work beautifully for you?

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