Subtle Patterns and Textures in Suiting

by | Sep 20, 2012 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

How to add Style, Dimension and Interest (with caution) to your Working wardrobe:

Texture is the “safest” most subtle, easiest to to begin with way to give your closet a whole, new, fresh and more interesting perspective.

1.  Texture:  When fabric has textural pattern woven in, it adds depth an interest.  Texture is the most subtle and take-no-chances way to add subtle interest with out using actual patterns like stripes or plaids.  These suiting fabrics are very elegant.
Herringbone, also known as arrowhead has a weave that resembles the skeleton of a fish, or herring. 
Nail’s head, also known as bird’s-eye,  is a fabric woven with a pattern of dots resembling the eye of a bird and is most often used to make suits. 
End on end is made by interweaving threads of alternating colors for a visual texture so subtle it appears solid from an arm’s length away. Thanks to its tight weave, this cloth displays patterns with exquisite precision.

These three types of suiting allow you most latitude with your ties and shirt fabrics.  On a day that you want to look softer and more approachable, wear a pastel shirt and a paisley tie.  On a day that you want to look bolder and more assertive, wear a bold stripe shirt and a textured solid tie.  And add in a pocket square!

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