Men’s Jeans – Which Style is Best for Me?

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Image consulting for Men

Jeans are the cornerstone to your casual wardrobe, but which style is appropriate and flattering?

A little image consulting to the rescue!  Jeans, like anything else, should be purchased with style, fit and proportion in mind. “They zip” is not a fit decision.  “They don’t say Hello Kitty on the back is barely a style decision. Relaxed, boot cut, skinny, straight leg, tapered, slouch fit, flared, low rise… Dark wash, indigo, distressed, whiskered… There are a bewildering array of choices in jeans, no wonder guys just put on the first thing that Gap has to offer.

But with the smallest effort, there IS a better way.


1.  Pockets  

This kind of “over embellishment” on these True Religion jeans should be reserved for the trendy gent pictured wearing them.  Grown ups choose jeans with more subdued pockets.

2.  Stitching   

Unless you are very young, urban and hip, you want less detail on the back.

3. Lightening the thighs  

A popular trend seen in these Armani jeans is the sandpapering of the thigh area to lighten.  Like Whiskers (see below) this is fine if you choose a more subdued variety.  Light thighs are a more trendy look.

4.  Holes 

Known as “distressing” this look of jeans that you have had for years can be WAY overdone, as shown in these Seven for all Mankind.   Choose jeans that feature more subtle distressing to enjoy this look.

5.  Whiskering

Whiskers are pre-fabricated creases that create a broken-in and worn look in the denim at the crotch level.  Since attention goes to contrast, these so-called whiskers on jeans draw the eye’s attention to the crotch area.   This hip hop trend is now so main stream it’s hard to find a pair of jeans with out them, so just look for subtle striations.

6.  Words.  Nuf said.


It’s way more than your waist size and inseam.  Levi’s for example offers 14 kinds of fit – from Skinny to Comfort.  Your own physique will determine where to begin, but consider that jeans are casual clothing, and there is a air of allure to them because they can be worn snugger than all other trousers.  Don’t buy your jeans too big – they will stretch and mold to fit you which is a great look. Think “tailored”  in the classic sense – room to be comfortable but not loose.  LOOK at the back side – you want a style that supports the suggestion of an arse!


If you are skinny, start with slimmer cuts.  If you are heavier you likely carry your weight in your stomach retaining a slim hip and thighs – careful not to purchase jeans in the smallest slimmest size you can to wear under your belly.  Skinny legs emphasis a larger middle.  Consider a boot cut that adds proportion to your physique.  And be willing to try a few on.  Bring a friend (or me) to LOOK and evaluate the differences. I like J Hilburn’s two great offerings, AG has a Lycra enhanced straight cut jean as well as J Brand, a slimmer leg option.  Priced at $154 to $189 they are a great value in premium denim that comes right to your door. JBrand KaneJ Brand Kane,  Resonate Wash – slimmer, straighter, darker and refined.  Great for a slimmer man. AG ProtégéAG Protege,  Edit Wash – slightly fuller, a casual jean with subtle striations that is super comfortable. JBrand KaneAG Protege, Jack Wash – comfortable straight fit in a polished refined premium denim look.  Perfect with a sport coat.

The above links go right to my J Hilburn URL – just click and order!

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