Men’s Formal – from Traditional to Creative

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Image consulting for Men

tux traditionalOwning your own tux is one of the highest levels of attire.

Designating an event “black tie” tells you that you are expected to wear “dinner clothes” or a tuxedo.  Owning your own tuxedo can “separate the boys from the men” in terms of the dressy end of your closet. Having witnessed what happens when my own son’s rent for Prom night I would not be in favor of a grown man renting – ever!  🙂

In addition, you may feel you have so few occasions to wear a tux that it is not worth the investment – but a funny thing happens when you own one – you find more places to wear it – and enjoy the process more! This image depicts the traditional method.

tux grey Tradition however has loosened considerably, and albeit dinners of high social protocol (think Queen or President), latitude and creativity can be infused in most formal events.

Tuxedo’s in midnight blue, or this grey flannel are different and allow you to stand out in a sea of black as an individual of note.  And in a sea of men – that is an excellent designation.

tux shirt If your creative energy toward creative formal would like to make an interim step, consider a tuxedo shirt made of different fabric than traditional white.  Keeping the colors dark and rich, like this deep merlot, or a dark pine green, or navy will create a very elegant, rich, evening shirt and will let you own one tux with a few shirt choices to keep it interesting.

Regardless of the style you choose, tuxedo and “impeccable fit” are synonymous.  Consider if it’s time for a new one, or to run your existing tux by your tailor for alterations.

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