Men’s Fashion Tips: Transition your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

by | Mar 8, 2012 | Image consulting for Men

Tips to help you transition your Winter wardrobe into Spring:

1.  Layering is key.

  • For a casual look start with a cotton sweater over your shirt and a hooded cotton windbreaker type jacket with docksider type shoes
  • For social occasions, maybe you want to eat out on the deck but after drinks it’s going to get cool?  Bring a great navy or khaki cotton unlined blazer to slip on over your sweater.

2.  Transition your outerwear first.

  • Your wool topcoat shifts back and you commute with a streamlined top-of-knee length trench  (not the huge, long one with the epaulettes on the shoulders and giant collar that may be in the back of your closet!)
  • Move the ski parka back, and pull forward jackets of denim, corduroy, leather or suede.  If you have two leather choices now is the time for the brown one rather than the black.
  • Move anything with fur or fleece back as well.  Unlined gloves are perfect now.

3.  Spring is not Summer.

  • It may be warm but don’t get carried away wearing sandals, shorts or short sleeved shirts.  A polo is fine, but for the most part think of this season as same coverage as winter, but different colors and fabrics.
  • Knits are still great, transition from wool to lighter cashmere sweaters or cotton

4.  Color determines the “emotional” climate of your clothes
Men wear charcoal, navy, brown, burgundy – darker colors in the winter.  Then in the summer the pastels and garden colors can come out such as lighter blues and pinks.
Spring is the perfect time to sport colors with more energy and color intensity.  Check out this great green and blue striped fabric, or this deep lavender mini gingham
Enjoy the energy of the upcoming season and oh, how about a dating tip?  ALWAYS  bring a second layer because if someone’s going to get cold it’s HER! 🙂

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