Connect Your Neck Length to your Shirt Collar Shape

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Image consulting for Men

Use your Shirt Collar to bring proportion to your head and neck.

Not everyone is perfectly proportional.  But there are tricks if you know them that can help to visually adjust how others see you.

1.  Long, thin neck

This young man is wearing a trendy and stylish small collar – it might not even be an inch high whereas a standard collar is closer to an inch and a half high.  Also the length of the collar points are very short, maybe 2″ as opposed to the standard 3″.

Do you see how what he has chosen has made his long neck look even  l – o – n – g – e- r ?
He would be far better off with a taller collar – even taller than standard to balance the scale of the length of his neck.

2.  Short, thick neck

Men with little to no neck need to be very aware of keeping their collar “stance” on the shorter side.  Stance is another word for the height of your collar.  I like to reduce the collar stance of a man who does not have a noticeable neck at least 1/4 inch – sometimes even 1/2 inch.  Doing so can help to visually modify and balance your look. elongate you and give you more of a neck.  It can also keep your open shirt collars from poking you in the jaw.

What’s the easiest quickest solution?

J Hilburn affordable custom shirts fit to you by an Image Consultant (me!) who is trained in what lines and styles will best accent the positives and camouflage the negatives.

Whatever your personal style,  formal, casual, trad, English, soft – you need to ensure that the style you pick is in keeping with your own natural features.  Let me show you how to make subtle improvements to the balance, scale and harmony of your face and neck using the size and width of your shirt collar.

Nothing fits and looks better on YOU than custom.

The easiest way to look your best is to make a single phone call.

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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