Men’s Designer Jeans Explained

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

What makes a pair of jeans worth $200+?

What exactly ARE “Designer Jeans”? Doir $580, DSquared $400, Armani $375, True Religion $359,  Ksubi $350,  J Brand $240, Citizens $230,  AG $225,   Seven $198, vs. Levi’s $59, or Walmart $19 …. YIKES! Does it really matter??

The answer is Yes!

Here’s a breakdown of the benefit to you of designer jeans:

1. Fabric. High end denim, especially that from Japan has a much finer and polished finish than denim manufactured by the football field.  The result is a more refined garment, suitable to wear as is, or with a sport coat in the evening. Premium denim is often paired with a bit of Lycra for a little give – so the fit can be snugger (and “hotter!) without sacrificing comfort.

2. Craftsmanship: Jeans have many details, traditionally the sewing is done with contrast thread, so it needs to be just about perfect.  Also, hardware like rivets and zippers are of higher quality and applied with more care for longevity.

3. Dye:  Use of darker, richer more stable dye’s give a luster and lux to premium denim.  They will hold their color longer.  Dry cleaning is preferred, but washing at home in cold and hanging dry can work.

4. Cut: Premium denim assumes a trimmer physique than  “main stream” America, so the cut is going to flatter a guy who is regular build to athletic.  Fun fact:  Designer jeans can give you an arse where before there was none.  Good to avoid the “Dad” jean look.

5. Design: Jeans follow fashion, and each year a new design will be featured.  It may be a variety of abrasions, distressing, hardware or design on the back pocket.  You can have fun with these details, or look for more simplicity.

6. Label: Let’s face it – Designer anything has panache.  And the price is set by what price point the consumer is willing to pay. MY TAKE?  Every guy should have a pair of Faded Glory jeans from Walmart to change the blades on the lawn mower or other activities that might involve staining or grease. But after that – it’s time to step up!  Consider the ROI on your jeans.

How many times a year do you wear them.  50?  150?  LOTS!

So it is absolutely the right decision to invest in several different washes (lighter and darker) and  a couple different cuts (slimmer for pairing with a jacket and maybe a boot cut if you want to rock that look)  of a good make and brand. Unless you like advertizing for the denim industry, choose from designers that have understated logo and labeling on their products.  Regarding cost, I personally don’t spend $250 plus on my jeans, when I can get, and recommend to my clients,  an excellent value in another brand. I like  the value of the great premium denim J Hilburn carries.

We are proud to offer the super comfortable Protege in 4 washes from $168 to $185 and the slimmer cut J BRAND in three washes from $154 to $183.   Jeans come to you in a couple days, shipped with an inseam of about 34 inches, and you get a $20 credit on each pair to cover the cost of hemming.  Just run them down to the dry cleaners next time you go – easy! AG Protégé    AG Protégé   JBrand Kane It’ll be fun!

Call me at 800-798-1643 and I’ll order you a great pair of jeans!  🙂

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