Men: What does your wallet say about you?

by | Mar 15, 2011 | Image consulting for Men

What’s the weak link in a professional mans appearance that I see time and time again? His wallet.  What does this one say about him?

  1. I’m not organized
  2. Details don’t matter
  3. I don’t care that the lines of my clothing are being distorted.
  4. I put myself last.

There is a psychological factor to your wallet – think about it- what is the one item on your person that most clearly connects to your success? It’s your wallet! If the above picture resembles yours, you need to do three things: 1. Buy a new one. You don’t have to spend a lot, but the more you do spend, the more elegant the presentation and longer the wallet should last. The tri-fold vs. bi fold is a personal preference issue, but I gravitate to the slimmest lines possible.       From fancy name designers to exotic reptiles, wallets can be as much as $500. For most of us this price point is excessive. Where ever you shop however, look for top or full grain leathers, and examine the stitching. Spending only $50 is fine, but you will need to carefully inspect your wallet in 6 months for wear, and consider replacing it (depending on how hard you use it) either now, or at some point up in the next 6 months at the longest. 2. Sort out what’s inside. There is a class statement about having a big wad of cash in your wallet. Less is more. There is a creditworthiness statement made by carrying a dozen credit cards. Less is more. When you are done, your wallet should contain your debit card, a personal and a business credit card, your drivers licenses and insurance card. After that, a FEW optional items, like gym card, grocery store, a couple department store cards. It should look something like this: 3. The third step is a small new habit. Put your daily receipts not in your wallet, but in your pocket along with your change. At the end of the day when you empty your pockets you pull out the slip or two, and have a little pile on your dresser for when it’s bills day. Your new wallet will give you a finer presentation at precisely the critical moment when all eyes are focused on your ability to “pay the bill” and “come through with the goods”. Its more than pretty – it’s good business.

Want to know what other messages details like your wallet carry?

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