Men: Try out a Hat!

by | Aug 9, 2010 | Image consulting for Men

Have you ever played with the idea of wearing a hat but didn’t know how to begin?

Summer is a great time to experiment, because hats are more commonplace for men. No reason to shove a sweat stained baseball cap on your head when you can do much better. Also, hats are good for you! They protect your head and hair from sun damage, and they keep you protected from the colder and wetter elements as well. AND they frame your face nicely AND they add a great element of style while doing it.

Think back to how masculine the men of our fathers era seemed when they donned a hat?

I think that men lost some of that power in their look when they stopped wearing hats, and that they can be very attractive, powerful and alluring. Time to reclaim some of the distinctively maleness the feeling of wearing a hat gives!

Here are a couple fun options, and a link to some really sublime hats. $35 Express Straw Fedora These are playful, and lighthearted, and inexpensive enough to blow off the back of the boat. $38 Urban Outfitters straw hat $325 (many are around $200) gorgeous Worth and Worth hat “This beautifully hand-sewn paglina straw sports an elegant, hand sewn-in leather band. The leather band is accented with a tan trim through the middle and complemented with the same tan leather binding.” If you have never really looked at a quality hat before this is a great site to browse. You will look great in a hat this summer.

Come’on give it a whirl!!

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