Men Have Only Two Kind of Wardrobes…and why?

by | May 18, 2011 | Image consulting for Men

When your “Work” and “Sofa” wardrobe don’t meet in the middle creating “Social”.

Many of the men I work with are comfortable with the business “uniform” (a suit) they put on everyday, and certainly they don’t give their lounging around the house garments a second thought.  But what about that whole part of your life that you work FOR?  Your social life, your dinners with friends, drinks with the guys, evenings with that special her.  The list goes on – vacations, ball games, day trips, – hey do you have a wardrobe that reflects your non working hours?

Gentlemen, as the change of seasons to warmer weather approaches, please take a moment to think about what you have to put on your body for these occasions:

For dressier social occasions:

  • A lightweight cotton, linen or tropical weight wool suit or
  • A lightweight woven sport coat and tropical weight trousers
  • Fresh white shirt to go with it
  • Casual tie, madras cotton is nice
  • Summer shoes, tan bucks or woven loafers

For casual occasions:

  • A new pair of jeans that FIT. Do you know how many jeans there are in the world in direct conflict with all the hours you spend at the gym?
  • A couple pairs of lightweight trousers, linen, or poplin
  • A few new short sleeved shirts in colors that are not anything in the navy, black, or beige family.
  • A good cotton sweater or two
  • Couple pairs of shorts that are trim, tailored – pitch the cargos!
  • Comfortable slip on summer shoes, Sperry, Cole Hann, not sneakers
  • How about a great new pair of sunglasses and a sporty jacket to put on top?

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