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by | Apr 10, 2012 | Articles for Both, Fashion Tips

Excellent Interviewing Advice from Corporate Speech Solutions:

My friend and colleague Jayne Latz of Corporate Speech Solutions shared some excellent advice with me recently that I wanted to pass on to you, as well as her company as a resource.  There is no more powerful combination than pairing looking your best AND communicating clearly!
Jayne writes:  Last year at this time, we started the blog series on how to prepare for, and ace the interview. Today’s interview tips come from our blog title, “How to Answer Interview Questions Like a Pro!”

Length is Key: When responding, be aware of the length of your answers. While you don’t want to rush and need to make sure you answer the question in full, you should also be on guard against lengthy, rambling answers. Many interviewees find themselves babbling on and on when then get nervous, and often end up quite off topic by the end of their response. Make sure that each of your answers fits the exact question asked.

Clear and Slow: Remember to use good speech skills in your answers. Put extra effort into good pronunciation and clear speech, and maintain a slow, steady pace. If your interviewer can’t understand your responses, you may lose the job right then and there!

Content: Be specific and give strong examples when responding to the interviewer’s questions, especially when discussing your strengths or personal job history. Anyone can say they are good at their job, but giving a personal example (e.g. sales rose 43% during your time at your last company) makes your answer much stronger. Whenever possible, try to tailor these examples to the specific needs of the company you are interviewing for.

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