Image Makeover Case Study: Ted

by | Mar 16, 2011 | Articles for Both, Image consulting for Men, Image Consulting for Women

A perfect example of using the information you will gain during an image consultation to save making an expensive mistake.

Ted is a highly successful attorney.  He is wearing an expensive suit purchased from an exclusive Manhattan men’s clothier. The fabric is beautiful and the workmanship excellent.

Unfortunately however, the double breasted style that Ted selected to make him look more “formidable”, actually serves to diminish him because of errors in scale and fit.
He is not tall, only 5 7″ so scale is important.

This suit is too wide, both visually and in the shoulders. The sleeves are too long to show his cuffs, the jacket is too long, making his legs look shorter than necessary, and even though he is standing canted in a funny way, you can see the trousers are too long, the “break” is more like a puddle and gives a subtle image of wearing a suit he needs to “grow into”.
The man in these pictures is wearing a suit that fits him beautifully and he is radiating charm and presence! The warmer toned tie makes a direct link to his eyes (which serves the business purpose of helping to engage the viewer) He was delighted…

“In 40 year of dressing I never wore those colors before, they were enormous hits, I liked the way it looked. It was right on point”.

He went on to say:

“Some men might equate this with femininity. The macho thing does you no good in this area. Fine-tuning your appearance has a direct correlation to your success.”

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