Executive Woman Holiday Party Attire

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Image Consulting for Women

Holiday time should feel fun and festive; it’s easy to know you look appropriate and amazing with these 10 tips.

Most women just need a few key pieces to create options in their closet that ensure that every event features a fabulous, comfortable, confident you! Love the concept but not sure of the details or too busy to make it happen? Just call me – that’s what I’m here for. 🙂

1. Avoid ALL holiday themed attire. Repeat, avoid ALL holiday themed attire. Wear holiday themed jewelry with caution.

2. Want to be a little sexy? Don’t show too much skin. Women wearing clothes that show off their curves (at ANY weight) are sexier than those that display the flesh. At an office party keep cleavage to a minimum. If you are comfortable with your legs, wear a dress and hosiery.

3. How dressy should you go? Holiday wear is not wedding wear. Most holiday parties these days are a bit more relaxed, even casual. Skimpy, satiny jobs like this red off the shoulder flounce are fairly formal and revealing.

4. Other than winter white (which is a great holiday color ) select deep rich colors, black, deep merlot reds, deep jewel tone purple, teal or, metallics in brown, pewter or copper. . Monochromatic colors are easy to dress up, and create long, lean lines.

5. Select a dress that accents your body’s positives and disguises the negatives. Watch for my next newsletter that will detail 10 styles of Little Black Dress’s and which ones are best for different body types.

6. Use Accessories. Layers of necklaces. Maybe a fur or faux fur stole or metallic scarf A broach. Dangly earrings. Red nails. A sparkly barrette. A glitzy bag. Just pick one or two so you don’t over do it.

7. Take some extra time with your makeup. Invest in a lighted mirror if you don’t have one already. Consider a few individual false eyelashes (don’t try this yourself as a beginner – call the local nail place and ask if they will apply them for you).

8. Don’t radically change your hair style. Be you.

9. Be comfortable by wearing well fitted, temperature appropriate comfortable pieces. This includes being warm enough. A strapless dress with bare legs looks odd in the middle of the winter, not to mention have you feeling like an ice cube. Choose shoes carefully. There are lovely, dressy heels that are in the 2 to 3 inch range, rather than 4. Or if you like 4 inchers, look a a platform heel which will reduce the pressure on the ball of your foot. Smiling, confident and comfortable is way sexier than sporting a dangerously drooping strapless dress and painful shoes.

10. Make a style statement as you walk in the door! If you can afford it, purchase a “statement” coat. This is likely not for everyday wear, it could be fur, or wool with a fur collar. It might be a great color such as teal, winter white or this merlot. Or it could have a great swirl of fabric, ruffles or some other whimsical design. It definitely includes a silk scarf around your throat and good leather gloves. Root around your jewelry box for an antique brooch for the collar?

Want help creating a Holiday Wardrobe that you can be proud of?

Call me. I created Style of Success for Women because I am passionate about helping real women just like you look and feel terrific!

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