Happy Anniversary to Style of Success

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Articles for Both

June is my anniversary month of my company re-birth, my new name, new logo and brand and the creation of my e-newsletter that has connected us for as long as the past year!

To all my new friends as well as my long loyal readers, I’d like to celebrate in a BIG way! So what can I give you that I think you will appreciate and benefit from the most? Well, how about HALF OFF my most popular best-of-the-best services that I offer?

What’s the most popular? A get-it-done day of information and professional fitting and garment choice advice that will transform your look from “fine” to FABULOUS. It’s wrapped into a power-packed personal shopping session that my clients ADORE, and culminates with all the complements coming to you!

See below for my gift to you of a must act now price for an amazing day that will leave you feeling terrific, ready to take on your next client, your next presentation, your next vacation, your next date, your next interview – your wonderful life!

So what’s my super-duper Anniversary offer?

This is YOUR moment if you have been curious about what looks good on you – every thing from colors to styles on your body…. but not curious enough to make a move. If you would like a professional opinion on the fit of your suits, but not enough to book a consult just for that. If you KNOW you need some clothing, but are hoping your wife will read your mind and it will show up at home… THIS is YOUR moment:

For HALF PRICE, for $500, I will come to your office, give you a 1 hour personal color, grooming and style consultation as well as a suit fit analysis. We will make a list together of what your procurement goals are, what your budget is and from which store you like to shop. I leave and go pre-shop for you. 1 1/2 hours later you arrive to a reserved and fully stocked dressing room of the items that are just what you wanted. For up to 2.5 hours I will help you choose, run for sizes, and work with the tailor and by the time we are done you will have efficiently selected the most perfect clothing for your needs and goals, you will have seen yourself in a new light, and you will leave the store VICTORIOUS!

Here’s what a recent client said of his shopping trip: “I would have NEVER had the patience or vision to put together so many outfits with a so few dollars expenditure – bravo!”

This offer is limited to those individuals who contact me prior to June 20 and we set an appointment in the next month.

Want to know how to make this offer change your life?

The easiest way is to make a single phone call.

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to help you with

  • what makes you look amazing
  • what supports the bottom line for your company
  • creating a business tool from the contents of your closet
  • acquisition of  quality garments and accessories efficiently and with high ROI

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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