Edge Out the Competition at Work

by | Sep 17, 2010 | Image consulting for Men

Getting to the next level DOES require some subliminal support…

You can bust your hump selling, writing reports, managing everybody’s problems ALL DAY long, and still not be perceived by management in that “hey, lets promote ME” kind of way. If you cornered Mr. Big at work and asked: “Do you give even a damn what I wear to work? (assuming it’s within the company code)” I’m guessing he would reply, “Nope, just do your job”. And that’s exactly what you would say to an underling of yours who asked the same question.

BUT, take that one step further to the emotional level…when you are considering which of your own subordinates to promote?

Of two men who consistently produce the best numbers, wouldn’t the man who is additionally visually impressive and demonstrates neatness and attention to detail whether it’s his car, his desk or his clothing get your vote? Of two men who produce the highest quality product, analysis or reporting, wouldn’t the man who utilizes confident body language and connects emotionally with others by use of genuine smiles, eye contact, warm hand shakes during communication get your vote?

Of two men who tell you that they have the companies best interest at heart, yet one of them clearly makes more of a commitment in his own presentation and how it reflects on the company when out on the road; wouldn’t he get your vote?

If the answer is yes, you are like 99% of the human race. Judgments and decisions about you are made on an emotional level every second of every day. You still have to do your job anyway, why not be the guy who gets the promotion first?

Like to translate this to your bottom line?

Statistical studies show that professionals have higher compensation and greater success when their appearance and grooming are perceived as superior.   No need to leave that kind of money on the table – make a single phone call for A Professional Image Consultant that comes to your office and

  • assists your HR Department  with internal dress code education and employee acceptance
  • presents material that inspires management and sales staff how to strategize their appearance to connect to more clients
  • Works 1 on 1 with key individuals for superior results that others look up to

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist, Trainer and Recruiter

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