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by | Nov 10, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

Lessons from Fred Astaire

Dressing in the Dark:  Lessons in Men’s Style from the Movies by Marion Maniker a wonderful book on mens style from the point of view that in the last 50 years men have lost the old school lessons on attire and dressing well from their fathers, and there are wonderful examples of masculine style to be learned from this beautiful, hardback that any fashion or movie aficionado will devour.

Ms. Maniker asks:  Why are men so reluctant to dress well?  Why do they lack imagination?  I contribute:  Why are the afraid to add accessories?  Or wear good shoes?  Or care that the back of their necks are fuzzy?  Why does the price point of Marshalls or Men’s Wearhouse outshine their image?

There are several reasons.

As styles have become more casual, a man who dresses well might be fearful of being labeled a “dandy”, or one who dresses to impress rather than be “real”.   And as work and our social lives blur even closer together, how is a man to dress if he is perpetually in both places at once?

In addition, the explosion of options for men makes it just plain overwhelming. Fred Astaire as shown above is one of the original fashion icon’s to masculine style that is comfortable and relaxed.  Dressing well does not have to be uncomfortable or over done.  It does not have to be dressy or formal.  It’s just… well.  Dressed well. Choosing a clothier that supports you dressing well, gets to know who you are and your needs makes it so easy.

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