Dress to Impress is Real

by | Sep 17, 2010 | Articles for Both, Image consulting for Men, Image Consulting for Women

The link between men that know how to gain an edge with dress in interviews that turn in to jobs, promotions not passed by, and sales presentations that turn in to contracts; is gaining more and more awareness daily.

Good job if you are reading this, as you have a significant edge of “enlightenment” and paving the road to success over and above the guy who thinks it doesn’t matter.

So, okay, you may be one of the lucky ones (was Sean Connery your father perhaps?) who really has a solid knowledge of what looks best on you, and how to select it, match it, accessorize it and generally employ it for every situation. But for the mainstream man, who has been dressed by his well meaning mother (see above!) and then wife, and then just winging it because you do “just fine, thank you”…. well, you might not want to put such an important aspect of your business and financial success in these loving, but untrained eyes.

No disrespect intended.. but here’s an example of what I mean: Are any of these issues yours?

1. In business in this country it’s advantageous to look taller. If this is a concern for you know how to elongate by balancing your jacket length exactly halfway down your body, and adjusting the length of your trousers.

2. In business in this country health and vitality are in part determined by your apparent level of fitness. If looking thinner would be to your advantage know which button stance to select for jackets, which fabrics slim you and make sure your collar and tie combination is in scale with your neck and face.

3. In business in this country if you are young, or have a young look and you need the creditability in your industry of a more mature man by wearing more  traditionally cut suits, academic looks such as  tweed, excellent shoes and accessories including non-prescription glasses.

4. In business in this country very slim men may wish to beef up their sense of substantial-ness: select three piece suits, fabrics with lots of “nap” like corduroy and tweed, employ layering and add stronger colors. Just a few chips from the enormous iceberg of information there is to give you a competitive edge over the next guy!

It’s time to look as good as your resume!

For your next career or big promotion, the easiest way is to make a single phone call. What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to

  • ensure your interview image is perfect for you and your industry
  • Review visual aspects from hair cut to shoes and everything in between
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I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist, Trainer and Recruiter

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