CT Dentist Makes a Huge Impact

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Image Consulting for Women

You work hard to get your message out there!

Nothing can make short work of your efforts than an unattractive smile.

Think of the time and energy you put in to your appearance: shoes polished, nails manicured, appropriate jewelry, matching bag, updated, pressed and well fitting garments, hair cut, colored, styled, makeup flawlessly applied… the list goes on!! Please don’t let the condition of your teeth hold you back from the landing that next big account or client!

In business, missing teeth, visible dental work, broken teeth, gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth and bad breath are all major detractors form your professional message. Think about your own experience speaking with someone like this – your eye goes right to that place, right?! Many of these conditions appear as we age. Just as we are looking to remain competitive in a marketplace of younger (and sometimes cheaper) options we have a sign post right where our words come out to suggest otherwise. To demonstrate business competence and expertise worth the price point we are suggesting, we must have teeth and breath that are just as put together as the product or service we are offering.

When I work with an image client, hair, makeup and teeth are part of the consultation. When I see a condition that I know can be easily remedied I like to recommend the same dental firm that I trusted to do my own cosmetic work – Dr. Joe Worthington at Worthington Cosmetic Dentistry. I don’t often get to recommend a professional that I have so much faith in as I do Dr. Worthington.

If you have a dental issue that has been making you self conscious, take advantage of his free consultation. You’ll wonder why you waited!

If you would like to tell the receptionist you were referred by me, Dr. Worthington will give you over $500 of additional services with your procedure – just ask him for the details.

Showing you how easy it is to have a beautiful smile that will support your business efforts is just one of the ways that Dr. Worthington and I can help you keep your smile healthy and strong, and feel confident and beautiful every time you open your mouth.

When experience matters, give yourself the gift of Worthington Cosmetic Dentistry.