Cell Phones and Men’s Pants

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

This cell phone belt carrier works great… but causes me physical pain just looking at it.

What is a guy to do??

Easy answer:  Wear a sportcoat or suitcoat and keep your phone in your jacket breast pocket.

After that, it get tricky.

  • A Smart Phone with a rugged Otter Box on a Belt Clip will look as Big as a bedroom door.
  • How many smashed or lost phones are there in the world due to falling out of loose back pockets?
  • Wear your pants snug?  Expect after just a couple months your $200 Lucky 7’s will be showing the shadow of your phone on your premium backside.

For non-suit wearing men, or weekends, I think I’d risk the back pocket, and if that’s not an option, this clip (Amazon link) is a better option than a whole case that slides on your belt.  I haven’t had a client try it, but aesthetically is is a more sleek, less pocket-protector-guy look.

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