Buttons define Suit "Personality"

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Image consulting for Men

Style Tip:  Personalize a new or existing suit with buttons! (If you would like to see the accompanying video to this post, here is the link) Every man needs to own a good blue suit.  But not every man needs to wear it the same.  Buttons are one of the easiest ways to personalized your suit.   Whether you own the navy suit you like, or are in the market to purchase, this is what to consider: This is a solid blue suit, this particular one is Blue Revenge by J.Hilburn.   We can create a whole range of looks by selecting the button to support the messages you want to convey from your suit.

  1.  Plain navy blue button  – this is the button most off the rack suits come with.  It is traditional, no risk, no matching.  You can wear the jacket as a sport coat, the dark button really isn’t a style element.  It is a little more formal than our next option.
  2. Distressed navy button – see the grey edging?  This is a more casual, little more modern button.  Kind of a cool-kid vibe.  It works on the suit as a bit of pop (but not too much) and when the jacket worn as a sport coat is perfect with jeans.
  3. Smoke shell button –  This beautiful button has a the luster of mother of pearl with beautiful greys and silver and hints of purple and blue.  It is a dressier button than either above, and it does stand out and make a statement.  The man wearing this button might have a pocket square in his chest pocket (!)
  4. Brown buttons – So popular with my Millennials who like to wear brown shoes and belts with a blue suit.  Slightly more casual but still definitely business.  I like to tie this look together with  “warm” tone shirt or accessories that have some brown, tan, orange or yellow.

Here is a screen shot from my Instagram post showing the brown, distressed navy and the solid blue. Of course, if you work with J.Hilburn and I, you get to choose your buttons for your new suit 🙂 but if not, you can upgrade an existing suit in your closet, or visualize a new one from a store with different buttons.  Buttons sets for suits and sportcoats are easily purchased and installed by a tailor. Here are two button sites I found

  1.  Cute as a Button
  2.  Benno’s Buttons 

Note:  Purchase enough buttons for your whole suit.  A standard jacket has 2 front buttons and 8 smaller sleeve buttons and the pants have 4 buttons.  The jacket front closure buttons are 20mm and the jacket sleeve and trouser buttons are 15mm. So look at that!  You can create a suit that looks customized, and matches your personality!

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