Man Bags – a study in meaning behind function

by | May 6, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

Have you looked at your briefcase lately?

It is an old fashioned attaché, a college era backpack or just plain bedraggled?

Much of what you say about your appearance and attitude toward the business you conduct comes from the vessel that your business papers etc are nested in. Choose a case that matches your leather goods for the day, either English Tan or Black as well the statement that you want to make about the business you are going to conduct that day.

Here’s the subliminal messages several briefcase options carry – pick the one that’s right for you.    

Soft and unstructured = more casual, easy going, low key, possibly artistic. Carried by a young man?

Tailored and structural:  Executive, businesslike.  Likely financial.  Elegant. The finish is polished.

Busy with all kinds of straps and pockets.  Less refined, but more practical? Could be for an engineer or construction manager. The finish is distressed, so as not to show wear and tear.  It is the least formal.

High tech.  Cold.  Crisp.  All business.   Designer.  Upscale, high style.  Can be over the top in the wrong setting.  Kept in the fashion world is best.

Want help selecting the perfect bag for your style and industry?  It’s just one of the personal shopping services I offer.

“Was that a dream or the best shopping trip EVER?” is a real quote from a busy guy who just experienced Personal Shopping the Style of Success way! How’s that work?

As your Personal Image Consultant I make it easy for you to look your best with NONE of the hassel. And before I spend one dime, I’ll help you determine what you own that works, what you want to buy and from where.  And remember, the easiest solution is often the JHilburn line of affordable custom and ready to wear menswear that comes right to you!

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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