Three Piece and Double Breasted Suit

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Image consulting for Men

How to add Style, Dimension and Interest to your Working Wardrobe:

How to amp up a basically conservative suit with two design details that you may have thought were “out”.

1. A three piece suit: Nothing says power suit more than adding that third element of a vest. As it multitasks as keeping you warm on that walk from the subway or the parking lot. And it is seriously slimming (if you need that) when you take your jacket off at the bar after work.  With a three-piece, you look dressy whether your jacket is buttoned or not. It’s a way to have it both ways, since a buttoned jacket isn’t always the most comfortable thing to spend your day in. Note, the vest must be tailored to fit you – too tight and your buttons are straining and too loose is sloppy.

Grey Fine Stripe Three Piece Suit.  (Sans tie is sexy – no?)

2. Double Breasted Suit: The heritage and glamor of the overlapping suit jacket is the quintessential gentleman’s style. Over the years, it has taken a back seat to the everyday two or three button suit as men’s fashion sunk to new lows of casual and pedestrian. Happily, the DB suit is back among those who can carry it both proportionally (average to tall, and average to slim builds) and with a little swagger attitude!  Plan to keep a DB suit buttoned, and your tie on.  Always choose peaked lapels.  This jacket will need to be tailored to fit almost snug around your torso.

Adding a three piece and a double breasted suit to your closet will go a long way to add diversity and panache.  If you are just experimenting keep the fabrics on the simpler, non patterned side, but don’t be afraid – these are the suits people will notice and complement you on!

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