Back to Work Wear – Fall 2021

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Image consulting for Men

J.Hilburn Fall Launch Supports the Work-Leisure Movement

Work-Leisure is the concept of ramping up a bit on Ath-Leisure, yet keeping firmly in mind the comfort factor.

“I drew inspiration leaning on a sense of warmth, comfort, and being cocooned by beautiful clothing similar to the way our own homes should make us feel – Pretty much the sensation you get from sinking into a comfy sofa with lots of throw pillows, I’m hoping that our clients feel completely at home in their new fall wardrobe” explains J.Hilburn Chief Creative Officer Simon Kneen.

Your workplace may be across from your bedroom, or 30 stories up, but regardless, feeling at ease, authentic and comfortable is one of the (few) pandemic-related benefits.  I like that J.Hilburn has layered on to its original dressier offerings such a rich and varied line of handsome clothing that will take you from the executive boardroom to the juice bar.

If you look at the picture I created of new Fall J.Hilburn images, you will see a pretty good representation of how men are dressing this Fall.  Yes, some men, mostly in the financial sector of large urban areas will still be suiting up.  In these cases, colors are more muted, softer, less sharp.  Next to no pinstripes.  Greyed, heathered, melange fabrics with shirts and ties that don’t scream Brooks Rep.

Many men will be wearing was what in the recent past considered quite casual; polos, 5-pocket styled pants and chinos. If this is you, please note the very important “Power of 3”(a past article I wrote on the subject) which is what will visually shift your casual outfit from shlumpy to stylish.  Power of 3 is that third element – it’s the layered polo or sweater, the vest, the blazer – literally the third clothing item.  I can’t stress how important this is.  What do you think of the model lower left?  He has on Power of 4 and doesn’t he look like a man of interest?

Another big trend in office attire is the incorporation of new tech and performance fabrics that have a little “give” aka “stretchy pants”.  I no longer search for suiting and casual pants with some Lycra or similar, I find they are consistently available.  What you may not know, however, is that you can purchase a gorgeous, wool and cashmere mix fabric, styled casually as a 5-pocket with that same hidden stretch comfort.  Elegant, refined, and oh, so comfortable.

If you do ONE thing based on reading this article, please have it be… OMG… OK, OK, TWO things:

  1. Take a look at the blazers in your closet.  Are they shiny?  Outdated?  Too formal?  Do you have a casual vibe, “pant eater” (funny word for a multi-colored pattern that goes with many of your pants) jacket that you can throw on like “this old thing?”.  That’s a KEY piece to own this season.
  2. Look at your casual pants.  it is imperative that your pants fit well, and are “current” in style.  Not skinny, but have a trim, tapered, tailored appearance that makes you relevant to the current decade.  I am such an advocate of the J.Hilburn line of custom casual pants because there is far less fit latitude in pants than in shirts.  Pants need to fit!

Let’s go shopping together this Fall?  Together can mean virtually or in person.  J.Hilburn or the store of your choice.  And know your purchases are going to wear well for you no matter what your work destination may be.

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